Snake Viral Video: Children playing games sitting on sofa, huge python snake in front, the next scene

#Dubai: Coexistence of snakes and humans. Such videos can be seen a lot. Many times we see people playing with huge cobras. Sometimes someone brings the giant python to the bag. And every time we see such videos, we must be heartbroken. You can be scared to watch a video like this again. This video has gone viral at storm speeds.

There are so many videos on social media that are unbelievable. There are some videos that are viewed many times, not once or twice, and yet we cannot believe the truth of that video. Let us show you another similar video showing a huge snake lying on the sofa. Not only the snake but also a baby is present with it. That fearlessly sitting on the sofa playing games. And next to his body there is that giant snake. You may be surprised after watching the video.

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The giant snake is right next to the baby-

This video of a few seconds is forcing people to be surprised. Inside the house, a python about 20 feet long can be seen hovering inside the house. The snake is spread out on the sofa of the house from the ground and is moving very comfortably. At that time a small child was also lying beside him. He is lying on the sofa playing mobile games. The child’s gestures indicate that he is well acquainted with the giant snake. The child is sure that the snake does not pose any danger to him.

The baby was not at all frightened by the snake.

As seen in the video, the snake is lying on the side sofa. What is seen in the next frame is amazing. The snake’s face is next to the baby and the baby is doing nothing. Anyone watching the video may be shocked. No ordinary person can live like this in a house with such a big snake. Many people are sweating after watching the video. They also gave their feedback in the comment box of the video. The video has been shared on a page called royal_pythons on Instagram.

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