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# Dhaka: Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni was finally released from jail. The actress got bail on Tuesday. But the bail papers did not reach the jail by 6 pm. So he has to stay in jail for one more day. He was finally released from jail on Wednesday morning. The actress was imprisoned for about 28 days.

He has been the victim of trolling and sarcasm by netizens on social media since he became involved in drugs. Parimani also responded to all those trolling today. As soon as he got out of jail, he raised his hand and showed the message. Parimani got out of the jail, opened the hood of the car and stood up. He kept waving his hand towards the fans and the media with a smile. And then the message written in his hand came to notice.

It can be seen that Parimani has written by hand with Mehndi, ‘Dont love, m Bitch’. Through this message, he wanted to convey that even if he does not like it, it will work. He does not value trolling. So he says to himself, “I don’t have to love. I’m bad.” The bride was wearing a white t-shirt, a white turban and a face mask.

Parimani was arrested from her home on August 4. Several drugs were also found in his house. Among them, his relationship with police chief Golam Saqlain was the most heated. Recently, a close-up video of Saqlain and his girlfriend came out in a video of Saqlain’s birthday, which caused a stir in the net world. However, after all, Metropolitan Sessions Judge KM Imrul finally granted him bail on Tuesday.

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