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#Kabul: Eventually, Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed managed to break out of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. Ariana is very popular among female pop stars in Afghanistan. The future of women is most concerned after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. So Ariana Said was finally able to leave Kabul on a US plane.

Ariana said in an Instagram post that she was able to leave Kabul on Thursday. Ariana writes on Instagram, “After spending several unforgettable nights I’m fine and alive. I’ve arrived in Doha, Qatar. I’m waiting for a flight from here to Istanbul.”

Ariana further writes in the post, “I pray for what has changed recently and hope that beautiful people can live a beautiful life without fear, without fear of a suicide bombing. My prayers are with you all the time.” Ariana managed to get out of Kabul by American cargo jet.

The 36-year-old pop star was recently a judge on a reality show on Afghan television. He has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Many people are trying to get out of Afghanistan after the Taliban took over.

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