#Kolkata: Strange object on the moon! China’s Yutu-2 Munrover took pictures of this strange object The China Space Science Center reported this news last week Space dot com claims that the Rover von Carmen can be seen horizontally on the volcano. This place is on one side of the moon

The Yutu-2 Moon Rover launches Chang’e 4 mission to China. This special vehicle has been working on the moon since 2019 Andrew Jones, a journalist with Space.com, said: “This strange square object has been spotted on the moon. He writes that Von Carmen is 60 meters away from this volcanic northern boundary. It’s not an alien, but something to look forward to ”

According to CNET, it is being called Mystery House Scientists say that the rover will go closer and look at this object, so that it can be seen better

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For this discovery, a strong discussion has started on Twitter The simplest argument about this is that any boulder has eroded over time Earlier in 2019, Yutu-2 Moon Rover discovered green gel The moon was considered as a kind of stone There was a combination of minerals and stones

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The rover recently found a “shard” on the moon’s surface Which can later be understood as a stone But in the same way a strange square shaped object was found on the moon (Strange object on Moon) which will be investigated and speculated.

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