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Students of Acharya Tulsi Academy Orchids The International School clinch four medals in 3rd Open Inter-District Taekwondo Championship 2023



Students of Acharya Tulsi Academy Orchids The International School – Vivan Kumar, Suryansh Bhuyanin, Sunidhi Chakraborty, and Samridho Banerjee together clinched four medals in the recently concluded 3rd Open Inter-District Taekwondo Championship 2023, organized by Tala Sports Ally and Taekwondo Association of Kolkata.

Vivan Kumar in the 38-40kg weight category, Suryansh Bhuyanin in the weight category 40-44kg, and Sunidhi Chakraborty in the weight category over 32kgs bagged gold medals while Samridho Banerjee in the weight category over 65kg won the bronze.

“We are all so excited and thrilled, and I’m on top of the world after winning the gold medal. Yes, we know this is just the beginning, and we will strive hard to win more laurels for our school, state, and, hopefully, our country one day. We practice Taekwondo, especially when we need a break from our studies or if we are feeling low. It refreshes our mind and makes us more energized,” said Sunidhi Chakraborty, one of the gold medalists.

“I am extremely passionate about Taekwondo, and I think my school is the best because I can study while practicing Taekwondo at the same time here. Whenever I need any support, I always have my teachers beside me. This is just the start; I will achieve more medals in this combat martial art,” said Vivan Kumar, one of the gold medalists.

Ms. Sharmili Shah, principal of Acharya Tulsi Academy Orchids The International School said, “I was confident that we would come out with flying colors, but this is an extraordinary achievement, and I am proud of my students. I would like to congratulate our school taekwondo coach, Simran Chowdhury. Her dedication and passion for this martial art are impeccable, which also reflects on her students too.”

Ms. Simran Chowdhury, Taekwondo coach at Acharya Tulsi Academy Orchids The International School said, “My students’ achievements are my achievements as well. I am so proud of all four of them. I wish them good luck in the future, and I am sure they have inspired not just the Orchidians but students across schools to learn the art form. My best wishes to all the participating participants in the tournament.”

About Orchids The International School

Orchids The International School is one of the leading international K12 school chains in India and started its journey in 2002 with its first branch in Hyderabad. In less than two decades, it has grown into 90 branches spread over 25 major cities- Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Chennai, Kolkata, Nagpur, Nasik, Indore, Jaipur, and Aurangabad. Modern physical infrastructure, personalized attention, and a carefully curated curriculum provide uniformity in all OIS schools. OIS follows the CBSE and ICSE curriculum infused with international teaching methodologies to provide a strong emphasis on personality development along with academic excellence. Currently, it has over 750000+ students and 7000+ teaching and non-teaching staff.

Orchids’ core anthem is “Shaping minds, Touching lives.”

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