Surprising water price, 1 liter of ‘life’ in Afghanistan costs 3 thousand rupees! – News18 Bangla

#Kabul: Virtually the entire country has been taken over by the Taliban. Among them, August 31 is gradually coming forward (Afghanistan Crisis). The United States will withdraw its troops after that. Thousands of Afghans are fleeing the country. The line is getting longer outside the Kabul airport. They have no future direction. In the meantime, they are continuing to fight to leave the country.

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside Kabul airport on Thursday evening. After that it rained bullets. Hundreds of people were killed. No one can imagine how horrible the situation at Kabul Airport is without seeing it. Taking advantage of this terrible situation, unscrupulous traders have started a cycle. As the crowds outside the airport increase every day, the demand for food and water there is increasing. A video from the news agency Reuters recently made such a sensational claim.

The video shows the speeches of many ordinary Afghans waiting outside the Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul. And there it is heard, a bottle of water outside the airport is being sold for 40 US dollars. The value of which is about 3000 rupees in Indian currency. Rice is being sold for ড 100. Ordinary people are not getting the opportunity to buy water and food. They are the victims of extreme misery.

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On the other hand, planes from different countries are operating airlift from Kabul airport. Britain and Spain have said they will soon close. Although the United States is still operating airlifts in Afghanistan. There are reportedly many Americans in that country. India is also working to repatriate its citizens. At the same time, many Afghans are standing outside the Kabul airport, hoping to leave the country. What will happen, no one knows.

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