Taliban 2: Government in Afghanistan in two days! Who is in charge, what will happen to Taliban 2.0?

#Kabul: The government may be formed in the next two days. However, there is no prospect of a Taliban-occupied Afghanistan becoming a democratic state, but rather a council that will be headed by the head of the Islamic Jihad movement, Hayatullah Akhundzada, a senior Taliban leader told Reuters in an interview.

The Taliban is already contacting retired police and military officials to reinstate them in various positions, Wahidullah Hasimi said. Now let’s see how successful this Taliban activity is. The Taliban have killed thousands of soldiers from time to time in the last 20 years, and in the last few years they have targeted US-trained Afghan pilots. Now the Taliban wants to advance by holding them in military positions.

Hassam has made it clear, at least in part, what the power structure will look like if a Taliban government is formed. It is clear from his words that from 1996 to 2001, when the Taliban was in power, the way the government was running, Taliban-2 could follow the path. At that time Mullah Omar did not come in public, a council worked on his behalf on a daily basis. Hasami thinks that now Hayatullah can play such a role. A council will run the country on his behalf.

Hayatullah has three deputies in the Taliban. Maulvi Omar’s son, Maulvi Yaqub, the head of the Haqqani Network, Sirajuddin Haqqani, and Abdul Gani Baradar, who manages the Taliban’s political office in Doha. It remains to be seen who will get what responsibility in the coming days.

However, I am making it clear that there is no place for any democratic ideology in Afghanistan. Because it has no basis in Afghanistan. Hasami added: “We do not want to discuss in detail what kind of political system we will introduce in Afghanistan. The reason is that it is clear that we will run the country in accordance with Sharia law.”

The Taliban’s goal at the moment is to build a new army. Old soldiers, even those who worked for the government, can join the army. Hasami wants to emphasize on hiring pilots to strengthen surveillance.

At the moment, Afghanistan has at least 22 military aircraft and 24 helicopters. The Taliban wants these foreign helicopters to evacuate their country soon.

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