Taliban bans co education in Herat of Afghanistan ‘The root of all evil!’ Taliban Fatwa issued to stop boys and girls from studying together – News18 Bangla

#Kabul: Boys and girls do not have to study together The Taliban issued its first fatwa since taking power in Afghanistan The fatwa was imposed by Taliban leaders on co-education at universities in Afghanistan’s Herat province. According to them, boys and girls studying together are the root of all evil

The Taliban have always been against women’s liberation However, after assuming power this time, they promised that they would respect the rights of women However, according to the Khama Press News Agency, a meeting was held on Saturday between university authorities, owners of private educational institutions and Taliban leaders. It was at that meeting that boys and girls were banned from studying together

The Taliban stormed the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Sunday This is the first time since then that they have issued a fatwa Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a news conference on Tuesday that they would respect women’s rights under Sharia law. They also said that women will be able to do some selected jobs like health services as per Sharia law At the time, it was thought that the Taliban’s attitude towards women might have changed in order to change the image of the world. But by issuing a fatwa on Saturday, the Taliban reiterated that the Taliban’s orthodoxy towards women had not changed much.

Taliban leader and head of the higher education department, Mollah Farid, met with professors from various universities and owners of private educational institutions for about three hours on Saturday. There he made it clear that there was no question of boys and girls studying together Co-education system must be stopped Not only that, the Taliban leader has also instructed that female teachers can only teach female students.

According to the news agency, Taliban leader Farid 7 has identified co-education as the source of all problems Over the past two decades, co-education has been introduced in all universities and educational institutions in Afghanistan Besides, there is a system of teaching students in separate classes

According to academics, the Taliban’s decision may not be a problem for government educational institutions But private education centers will have problems Because the number of female students in private educational institutions is already at the bottom There are 40,000 students in all government and private colleges and universities in Herat The number of teachers is two thousand and eight

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