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#Kabul: The whole of Afghanistan (Afghanistan Crisis) is under the control of Taliban (Taliban Terror). After the fall of Ashraf Ghani’s government, a new Taliban government was formed. And this time in Afghanistan (Afghanistan Crisis) one ban after another began to be issued. The Taliban has banned women from participating in any sport in the country.

The fatwa was issued shortly after the new Taliban government came to power in Afghanistan. Such a claim has been made on the official website of the radical Islamic organization. In an interview with an Australian television channel, Ahmedullah Washik, deputy head of the Taliban Cultural Commission, made it clear that there was no need for women in the country to play sports. This is not at all appropriate for the culture of the country.

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Women’s bodies are exposed to any sport, including cricket. And so Afghan women don’t need to be involved in any sport. Ahmadullah Wasik, deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission, told the media in a statement.

Earlier, the Taliban had also issued a fatwa on women’s university education. Only female teachers can teach students. If that is not possible in any way, only the old teacher who has no blemishes on his character can take the responsibility of teaching the students. In addition, students in private Afghan universities must wear the burqa and niqab at all times. Not only that, boys and girls will not be able to sit side by side. Sometimes there must be a screen. And after all this, this new fatwa was issued.

Incidentally, a new interim government was formed in Afghanistan last Wednesday. The Taliban announced the names of their new cabinet members on Tuesday night. Despite earlier promises, no woman has been given a place in the new cabinet. Mohammad Hassan Akhund is sitting at the top of the Taliban government. He is the acting Prime Minister. The prime minister of the Taliban government in Afghanistan is Mohammad Hassan Akhund. Mollah Abdur Ghani Baradar is sitting as the Deputy Prime Minister. However, he is not alone, the second deputy is Maulvi Hanafi. Abas Stanikzai is the foreign minister and Mollah Yakub is the defense minister. The Home Minister is Sirajuddin Haqqani. Munir is also the Minister of Education. However, a Taliban spokesman said it was currently in the executive cabinet.

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Besides, Baradar is getting the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the country. The second deputy prime minister is Maulvi Abdul Salam Hanafi. A Taliban spokesman announced the new government at a press conference on Tuesday evening. Talib spokesman Ahmadullah Wasik said, “We will officially announce the new government. However, who is holding which posts before him is being announced one by one.

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