Taliban brutality, 9 members of Hazara community strangled and mutilated! – News18 Bangla

# Ghajini: The Taliban (Tortured Killed 9) brutally killed nine members of the Hazara community in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province. That incident has come to the fore recently. Referring to the incident that took place in July, the human rights organization Amnesty International said that Taliban militants attacked the village of Mundarkhat in the Malistan district of Ghazni province on July 3-4. The house was looted. Carried out unspeakable atrocities on the villagers. Not only that, he was killed by suffocation in a cold head. The militants cut the flesh of the body.

The Hazara community is the third largest group in Afghanistan. The Shia Muslim group has long been a target of persecution in Pakistan and Afghanistan. “The killing of nine Hazaras in cold blood proved once again what the Taliban regime really is and reminds us of the atrocities of the past,” said Amnesty International’s Agnes Calamard. On July 3, 2021, the Taliban began fighting the Afghan army in Ghazni province. From there, about 30 families took refuge elsewhere in the mountains.

After staying there for a few days, their food became tight. A few men and women went home to collect the food. That’s when they saw Taliban militants looting and burning their homes. At that time some people of Hazara community were going through that village. That’s when the militants attacked them. An eyewitness said the militants strangled an Afghan government worker with a scarf around his neck, cut off his flesh and dumped his body. The bodies of several people were dumped in the creek.

The report further states that the militants destroyed all the mobile phone connections in the area. So that the news of this death could not come out from there.

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