Taliban claims to capture Panjshir to form government soon in Afghanistan Panjshir in the possession of the Taliban, the formation of the government! Next to China, Pakistan, Russia – News18 Bangla

#Kabul: In the end, the Taliban captured Panjshir? The Taliban made the claim on Monday Tolo News, an Afghan media outlet, also confirmed the news. Even the Chinese media have reported on the Taliban’s occupation of Panjshir.

However, Ahmed Masood, the son of the late Taliban leader Ahmed Shah Masood, refused to accept that Panjshir was still completely lost. On the same day, Masood appealed to the people of Afghanistan to roar against the Taliban regime. He further added that the Northern Alliance forces were occupying various strategic locations in the Panjshir hills. However, self-proclaimed Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh has reportedly fled to Tajikistan.

Despite occupying the whole of Afghanistan for so long, the Taliban fighters came to a halt in Panjshir. On this day, however, the Taliban have strongly demanded the capture of Panjshir Even videos of the Taliban raising their flags in Panjshir have surfaced “With this victory, our country is free from war,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s chief spokesman.

It is expected that the formation of a Taliban government in Afghanistan will be accelerated if it is really occupied by the end of the Punjab. He left Afghanistan on August 31 Even after that, Panjshir was still a thorn in the side of the Taliban The Taliban claimed that countries such as China, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Iran would side with the new Taliban government. These countries are also being invited under the oath of the Taliban government

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