Taliban | Ex-British Royal Marin | ‘If I have to die, I’ll die with my pets!’ Do not leave Kabul Former British Royal Marine who runs a veterinary hospital

#Kabul: There is only panic in the Afghan sky now. After nearly two decades, the Taliban have begun to assert their rights in Afghanistan. In this situation almost all the people of that country want to flee the country. Pictures of that horror were also captured at Kabul airport. Thousands of people are running behind the plane. Cole’s child is getting lost. They are also willing to come to another country and spend their lives as refugees. And people are running with their lives in that hope. But even in this situation, the former British Royal Marine Paul ‘Penn’ Farding does not want to leave Afghanistan. He is a British citizen. Afghanistan is not his country, yet why he does not want to leave?

There is a human reason behind it! Paul came to Afghanistan in 2006. At that time, Afghanistan was very different from today’s Afghanistan. Paul had a constant love for animals. Arriving in Afghanistan, he first found an orphaned helpless dog on the street. Paul sheltered the dog. And he thought he would open a veterinary clinic and a shelter house here. Paul tried to spell it out like a farm house since 2006. He has left almost all the animals on the street, starting from dogs and cats. And 25 Afghans have been hired to take care of these animals. He has also made three Afghan women veterinarians. Who treated Paul’s animals. These are all things to Paul.

In an interview with Reuters, Paul said: “I am a British citizen. But I will not leave Afghanistan. If I have to go, all my animals and staff will go with me. I will go only if that is arranged. “If I leave, my pets will die. They will be killed by the Taliban. The girls will be in a bad condition. No matter what the Taliban say, they have changed. I see no evidence of that. They are walking the streets with guns. “The Taliban are keeping a close eye on him. They don’t consider dogs as animals. Leave the dogs. People don’t think of people. In this situation, I can’t leave everything behind. If I leave them, I will die. ” After this interview, the whole world informed Paul. Where people want to leave the child and run away on their own. Children are getting lost. Paul will never leave his pets there. If you want to die, you will die with your pets.

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