Taliban ransacked two Indian embassies took away cars Taliban raid two Indian embassies in Afghanistan, vandalize offices and take away cars – News18 Bangla

#Kabul: The Taliban have destroyed at least two Indian embassies in Afghanistan The Taliban also searched two closed embassies and seized two vehicles. The Indian embassies in Kandahar and Herat were attacked by the Taliban on Wednesday However, both embassies have already been closed by the Indian government The workers there have also been evacuated to a safe place

After the capture of Kabul, the Taliban reassured the world that no other country would be harmed on Afghan soil. Although the Taliban have said so, their actions do not match that claim The attack on the Indian embassy by the Taliban proved that allegation again

“We expected this,” a top Indian government official told NDTV In addition to raiding the embassy, ​​they also searched the embassy for various documents. The Taliban drove away from both our embassies.

According to sources, a few days ago, the Taliban had sent a message to Delhi assuring them that no harm would be done to the Indian embassies in Afghanistan. The Taliban also sent a message that India should not vacate its embassies According to Indian government sources, the message came from the office of Taliban leader Abbas Stanikzai in Qatar.

Earlier this week, India rescued staff and officials from its own embassy in Afghanistan and repatriated them. Indian Air Force personnel were flown back from Kabul by two Air Force C-17s. The Indian ambassador to Afghanistan was also recalled However, about a thousand Indians are still stranded in Afghanistan

However, the manner in which the Taliban attacked the Indian embassy would only worsen India’s relations with Afghanistan. According to sources, the Taliban attacked the Indian embassy with the help of Pakistan’s spy agency ISI.

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