Taliban Viral Video | Taliban drunk playing in children’s park with guns, video goes viral

#Kabul: Citizens have left the city of terror. Children’s parks have fallen into disrepair. They took possession of Kabul’s palace long ago. This time in the amusement park of Kabul, the Taliban were seen playing with various children’s instruments. Weapons in hand, someone is riding on an electric bumper with a wall like a child, someone is riding on a toy horse, there is a lot of noise in the net world with this video.

Taliban intoxicated with guns

The Taliban took control of Kabul on Sunday. President Ashraf Ghani peacefully handed over power without bloodshed and left the country with a helicopterload of money. The Taliban dominated the entire capital. Taliban leader Mollah Abdur Gani Baradar returned to Kabul on Tuesday. Baradar was a shadow of Taliban founder Mullah Omar. Although he had some differences with Sirajuddin Haqqani, another top leader of the organization, Baradar now has absolute power. And his disciples are so happy for now. That happy picture was captured in a viral video.

As seen in another video, Taliban leaders went to the gymnasium. Diplomatic circles say this is also a move by the Taliban. The Taliban are overjoyed to convey the message that they have not been wiped out, despite being cornered by a long period of foreign military domination.

This is the most talked about topic in the world right now. What will the new Taliban regime look like? The Taliban held a press conference on Tuesday. At the meeting, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said women would be given rights under the Taliban regime. The law will be established in accordance with the Shariah.

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