Taliban wants American soldiers to leave before 31 August If we don’t leave Afghanistan on time, we will have to suffer the consequences, the Taliban threaten America – News18 Bangla

#Kabul: If US troops remain in Afghanistan after next week, it will suffer The Taliban threatened the United States

Troops from all countries are expected to withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31 The Taliban has said it will not form a government until US troops return

At the moment, the security of Kabul airport is the responsibility of foreign forces, including the United States They are also handling the chaotic situation at Kabul airport They are mainly helping foreign nationals and Afghans desperate to leave the country The United States has sent a new contingent of troops to Kabul to deal with the situation at the airport. Because the situation in Afghanistan was putting pressure on Washington

However, the Taliban has stated that it does not intend to compromise on the withdrawal of US troops. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shahin told Sky News on Monday that “if the United States or the United Kingdom wants extra time to continue the rescue operation, we will not agree.” Otherwise, he will suffer the consequences. ‘ The Taliban spokesman claimed that any attempt to occupy Afghan territory would be contrary to a negotiated decision.

Meanwhile, two Taliban sources told AFP they would not form a government until the last US troops had left the country.

At least eight people have been killed in a stampede at Kabul airport before leaving Afghanistan. Several people have been killed after falling from a plane in the middle of the sky.

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