#Moscow: Viktoria Kashirina, 23, posted the risqué film on Instagram. She was once a pole dancer. But now a school teacher. He has been wanting to post a stripping video on Instagram for a long time. It hasn’t happened in so many days, this time he has posted such a video. And that is what has spread like wildfire. And from the school authorities to the parents, they all complained that they are in danger as a result. They say that students often watch this video and discuss it all the time.

Victoria Kashirina, however, countered that she did not create it for her students. He said, “I blocked the parent who complained to me and his child. Because, that’s what happened. Now I can’t remove this video in any way. My school also requested to remove the video. But I did not do it.” Why? “

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The mother of one of the students said that her child was watching the video of the teacher whenever he got a chance. He is having problems with that. Although the teacher is reluctant to listen to the parents. Victoria Kashirina has completed her diploma degree from a university. After that he came to teaching.

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“I have two children of my own,” he says. I know exactly what the parents of the children are thinking. But it must be remembered that there is also a thing called freedom of expression in the country. That cannot be denied. School teachers have also expressed counter-opinions. They say that the way a pole dancer presents himself in the society, a teacher cannot present himself in that way. We need to keep that in mind. Although the school authorities have finally decided, the teacher will be removed for publishing this video. Notice of dismissal has also gone like that.

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