Teens are being trafficked to make sex slaves! Nazla exposed the Taliban’s atrocities

#Kabul: Afghanistan means fear, panic. The pictures of the last few days say so. Panic has spread across the country as the Taliban regained power after nearly two decades. The people of Afghanistan have not forgotten the exploitation of the Taliban regime. They don’t think girls are human. Not only that, if you see men breaking the rules, you don’t think twice to shoot. When the Taliban return to power, people want to flee the country. His picture was captured at Kabul Bimana port. The world has become terrified. The Taliban say they have changed. And they will allow women to study according to Islam. There will be a lot of freedom. But there is no similarity in their words and deeds. Today, the Taliban issued a fatwa that boys and girls should not be allowed to study together.

Meanwhile, tensions have flared up again, according to Nazla Ayubi, a former female judge in Afghanistan. He said in a news interview that he was horrified. After the Taliban came to power, they said they would treat women with respect. Will give freedom. But the image of just a few days is saying something completely different.

Some Afghan women have spoken with Nazla. What those women have said will be terrifying. In their words, the Taliban are telling Afghan women to make their own food. Some women in Kabul have to cook like that. But the Taliban threw a woman in the fire because she did not like food. Not only that, he is looking for a minor girl in different houses in Kabul. The Taliban are asking soldiers to marry those who have minors in their homes. If not, he is threatening to kill the whole family. Not to be outdone, a woman told Nazla that underage girls were being trafficked in coffins to be sex slaves. The Taliban have started all this in just four or five days. Which is scary. Nazla says she too is terrified. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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