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#Kabul: Afghanistan under Taliban control. And since then, questions have been raised about the safety of women there. Many are especially concerned about women becoming self-reliant and educated. But with this in mind, a robotics team made up of women in Afghanistan has been able to get out of the country. And there is an American woman behind rescuing them.

The women-only robotics team inspired women in Afghanistan at one time. But the future of these girls is in doubt after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. But an American woman rescued the girls from Afghanistan. That American woman has now become a superwoman in the eyes of the girls on the robotics team.

The American woman’s name is Alison Reno. He rescued the girls from this turbulent situation in Afghanistan. A graduate of Harvard University, this woman is a motivational speaker in her profession. Allison met the robotics team in 2019. Since then he has been in contact with the women there.

This team consists of 16-17 year old girls. Allison was worried about what would happen to these girls after the Taliban took over. So she wrote on Instagram, “I don’t love to ask for help. But Afghan girls are very worried. Pray for them. They need a miracle right now.”

Soon after, 60-year-old Alison moved to Qatar. There he enlisted the help of a friend working at the US embassy and was finally able to rescue the Afghan girls. Allison then shared a picture with the girls on the robotics team. He said he had met many of them in Afghanistan. So he was able to save these girls.

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