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The doctor got drunk on sex with the female patient


#Italy: What a mess! In the end, the doctor himself is a fraud. People go to the doctor helpless! People have to go to the doctor to get rid of various physical problems. And if the doctor who is considered to be God is a deceiver, then there is no other way. However, if you hear the demand of this doctor, your eyes will rise to your forehead.

An Italian woman was able to have children after many attempts. The woman could not conceive at all. He eventually went viral to Giovanni Minillo, a 60-year-old gynecologist. He went for treatment. After examining the woman, the doctor said, “If the woman has sex with him, he can get pregnant.” Because that doctor has a vaccine. “

At first the woman was quite surprised to hear this. He told his lawyer everything. The lawyer advised the woman to inform the media. The woman then recorded her conversation with the doctor and sent it to a popular news outlet. This is where the real game (Viral) begins.

A woman was sent to the doctor by the news media. This woman also went for treatment because she wanted a child. And the doctor says, have sex with me. Hearing this, the woman agreed. The doctor immediately booked a hotel. Take the woman to the hotel.

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But the doctor did not realize that there was a trap in the hotel to catch him. The doctor entered the hotel room with the woman and started undressing. At that time, the journalist who was already hiding in the house came out (viral). And the whole thing was being videoed. The doctor is not ashamed to be caught, but he continues to say, “Everything I do is my research. And that’s how I wanted to heal the woman. What’s wrong with that!”

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The doctor has been arrested on the charge of cheating people and having sex. It is known that about 15 women have already been fooled. The doctor had a physical relationship with them. As soon as the half-naked video of this doctor came out, the netizens got angry and went viral. The news media leaked the half-naked video of the doctor in front of everyone.

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