The end of the scandal! The patient used to drink toilet water from the staff to the hospital

#Tokio: Terrible news came to the fore, which will make the hair of the head stand on end Water was being consumed in a hospital in Japan or accidentally in the bathroom. Not for a day or two, but for 30 years, the hospital staff and even the patients have been drinking this water.

According to a report published on October 20 by Japanese news outlet Yomiuri Shimbun, water pipes were not properly installed in school departments in certain parts of Japan, meaning that bathrooms were connected to drinking water connections. The incident draws further attention as 120 calls from a hospital here, which was built in 1993, are also covered by the connection.

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For a long time, the hospital staff, patients drink this water, clean it and also gargle This incident had been going on for so long without anyone’s knowledge As the incident progressed, new diagnostics and buildings for treatment began to be built This incident was found during the inspection of the construction of this building

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According to the report, the color, smell and taste of water in this hospital is checked every week According to the report received from 2014, there was no problem According to the university report, no evidence of any physical discomfort was ever found At the press conference, Director and Vice President Kazuhiko Nakatani apologized for using the bathroom water. “I am very sorry to hear that this state-of-the-art medical hospital is a source of concern to everyone,” he said.

He assured that water would be purified in 105 buildings here and the connection of water pipes in schools would also be checked.

News of this incident spread like wildfire Extreme panic has spread among many people due to this

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