#Kabul: The Pentagon report had been hearing such fears for some time. That fear came true on Thursday evening. The Kabul Airport Blast in Kabul, Afghanistan, was rocked by multiple suicide bombings. At least 60 people, including children, were killed. The death toll could rise further. Random shots were fired outside the airport shortly after the blast. Three U.S. soldiers were injured. US President Joe Biden sat in an emergency meeting shortly after the incident.

According to sources, the explosion took place just before the flight of the US plane from Kabul. Suicide blast near airport abbey gate. There was also an explosion in front of the Baron Hotel in Kabul. A short time ago, shots were fired at an Italian plane. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby tweeted the news of the blast outside Kabul airport. “We are confirming that there was an explosion outside Kabul airport,” he said. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We will let you know when we get the definite news. ‘

When citizens of various countries, including ordinary Afghans, were desperate to leave Kabul, when the crowd gathered outside the Kabul airport, the Kabul airport complex was shaken by a horrific explosion. Successive explosions in the midst of intense instability. The Taliban see each as a suicide attack. And such attacks are being initially speculated to be by ISIS militants.

Rescue teams of different teams are operating at the airport before August 31. According to sources, the Italian rescue plane was shot down. Many people were injured. Not only Kabul airport, but several other places in the city have been hit by the blast. A few days ago, ISIS militants threatened to blow up the airport. It is being investigated whether they are behind the blast.

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