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The first day of the daughter’s job, the father was furious to see the boss’s letter! What was written in it? – News18 Bangla


#Cornal: While it may seem natural for a new employee to receive a letter from the boss, it is not at all. Usually when a person enters his first job after finishing college, he has various questions in his mind. In this case, if the office environment is good, the employees adjust quickly (Viral News).

The greatest happiness of parents is to make their children stand on their own feet by studying. One such father living in New Zealand was overjoyed to have his daughter join his first job. But the problem arose when he saw a strange letter from his daughter on the first day of his job.

After seeing the letter, the angry father posted the letter on social media from an account called @essjax and said that his daughter received it on the first day of work. What was in that letter?

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The letter shared by the girl’s father on social media included a total of 11 points. It reads:

Life is not fair, be prepared for it.

The world doesn’t care about your self-esteem. There are some expectations on you even before you feel good about yourself.

You will not get a job worth crores of rupees as soon as you leave school. You are not made vice president by car or phone.

If you think the teacher is strict then you should wait for the boss.

Don’t disrespect the act of flipping burgers. Your ancestors saw this as an opportunity.

If you make a mistake, it is not your parents’ fault. You learned it yourself.

Before you were born your parents were not so annoying. After taking charge, they became like that.

Whatever the difference between winning and losing in school, its value is in the way of life.

There are no semesters in life and no one here is interested in helping you.

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Television is not real life. In real life you have to go to work, not a coffee shop.

Get along well with fools, you may have to work with them.

When the girl’s father posted these rules on social media, people reacted differently. However, the words that the father could not take in a good way, needless to say!

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