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New Delhi: Many people believe in ghosts Again, many do not A lot of times things happen to us that may seem unrealistic, but they do happen Of course, everyone knows the reason for that Because no one wants to believe any miraculous or ghostly thing if they don’t experience it themselves But now, of course, the world of CCTV cameras Closed circuit cameras are everywhere, whether on the street or in shopping malls, offices, restaurants. Viral video of ‘ghost’ pushing glass in UK bar!

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At a recent bar in Sunderland, Britain, everyone witnessed a miracle Bar owner Darla Kate Anderson shared a video of the incident on social media.

The video shows a man leaning against a lounge bar to buy something Next to it was a large glass of water Suddenly the bottle fell by itself No one caught it, no one did anything The glass fell and water rolled around One such surprise! Everyone present at the bar was shocked

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Later, everyone was shocked to see the whole incident in the CCTV footage Why this happened, no one has an answer The way the glass is overturned, it looks like someone pushed it intentionally But who? It is not possible for anyone to unravel this mystery This video is now very viral on social media

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