New Delhi: One of the top leaders of the Taliban is an alumnus of the famous Indian Military Academy in Dehradun. Everyone at the academy was surprised to learn that a 1980 batch student would now join the Taliban camp and head the organization. It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan fought against the Soviet aggression on behalf of the army. Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai is a very talented student. Stanikzai is one of the top seven leaders in the Taliban.

Can speak several languages. Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai was born in Baraki Barak district of Afghanistan. After completing his studies in political science, he decided to join the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun. The top Taliban leader gave an exclusive interview to CNN-News18

Q: What is the attitude of the Taliban leadership towards India?

Answer: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Our foreign policy is to maintain good relations with all countries We have had the US military here for the last 20 years And gradually they began to return to their homeland So we have good relations with America and NATO I think they can come here and help build Afghanistan I will say the same for India We want to build friendly relations with them Our goal is to build good cultural and economic relations And we want to build it not only with India, but also with neighboring Tajikistan, Pakistan, Iran.

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Q: There is a fear that the Taliban may attack India, that they may ally with Pakistan. What do you say to this?

Answer: What is shown in the media is often wrong We have no such plan We want to build good relations with our neighbors

Q: There is a widespread fear that Afghanistan may become a haven for militant groups. Lashkar and Jaish militant groups are a cause for concern for India What do you think about this?

Answer: Afghanistan has never created panic in its neighbors India is also on that list There is no doubt that India and Pakistan have long-standing political and geographical problems We hope they do not use Afghanistan for this There are many big borders between India and Pakistan Let them fight among themselves there They should not use the soil of Afghanistan for this

Q: You are saying that Lashkar and Jaish will not be allowed to enter your country, are you guaranteeing that?

Answer: It is our duty We will not allow anyone to use Afghan land to work against any other country

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Q: You took training at IMA Do you remember any memories there?

Answer: When that happened, I was very young I trained there, before Russia came to Afghanistan I graduated from IMA

Q: Are you still in touch with them?

Answer: No, there is no communication

Q: Who do you blame for the attack in Kabul a few days ago?

Answer: I have seen in the media that Daish 7 has admitted that they have a hand in this attack

Q: But the report says that Haqqani caused the explosion and that the ICC has claimed responsibility. What would you say about this?

Answer: That is what the enemies of Afghanistan say That’s not right When Daish has accepted responsibility Then they caused this incident

Q: What do you think Afghanistan will look like as a world power and India?

Answer: The government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is going to be formed So it is important to maintain good relations with our neighbors and other countries in the world Once the new government is formed, we hope that all countries, including the United States, will support us

Question: India has done a lot of development work in Afghanistan What will happen to them?

Answer: What India has done in Afghanistan is our national asset Hopefully, India will complete the work that remains unfinished in the future We invite India to do this

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