New Delhi: Anything can happen in marriage Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either As seen in the video, a couple stumbled while dancing on their wedding day (Couple falls down while dancing)! And the event took place in front of all the guests in the banquet hall

Everyone was shocked to see the newlyweds fall But just as they laughed and danced and fell, so they stood up and smiled again. Said ‘Falling in love’ means to fall in love as if to say the same!

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Many netizens jokingly said that the body of the bride may not be able to handle the pot So this condition is 7 But it is also true that if such an event happens on the wedding day, both the bride and groom will remember it forever. Whether he falls in love, or falls over After watching this video on Instagram, everyone filled it with likes and comments The video has more than 5 lakh views Netizens did not laugh or joke when they saw the bride and groom overturned Rather, he has filled it with love

Another wedding day video went viral recently, showing a wedding party (Funny Wedding Video). All the guests were present there The couple will do a dance performance on the stage themselves That was the plan But everyone is amazed to see what the groom did on the stage Luckily, after the incident, the bride and groom did not break anyone’s limbs Or waist injury 7 Otherwise, a big accident could have happened The marriage could have been ruined!

The dance performance of the bride and groom at the wedding is not a new phenomenon Everything is possible if there is joy in the mind But if that joy is so extreme, what can happen if you don’t watch this video? As seen here, the groom puts his wife on his back as soon as he enters the stage for a dance performance. Maybe even the bride could not have predicted that this would happen But what happened when he jumped so hard and took her in his arms? Pot 8 rushed with his wife Luckily, their injuries are not serious Shaking their hands and feet, they got up again and started dancing

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