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#Kolkata: Strange facts will be said but less will be said. A young woman married her boyfriend’s father so as not to hurt her boyfriend. TickTock user YS Amri said that her boyfriend’s mother passed away suddenly. And the boyfriend is having a hard time with his mother leaving. She decided to marry her father to stand by her boyfriend during this difficult time. Because, according to her, her boyfriend will be much happier if he can fill the gap of mother.

The young woman has made this decision by marrying her boyfriend’s father and bringing her boyfriend’s mother anew. She said, ‘My boyfriend’s mother has passed away. Since I don’t want to see her in trouble, I have decided to marry her father. In this way he will get his mother back in life anew. ‘ Sharing this incident on social media is only two-way netizens (viral). According to some, the young woman has made a great decision for her boyfriend. Many people say that she could have married her boyfriend and stood by him as his wife. The news has gone viral on social media.

Last February, a 44-year-old woman ran away with her child-bearing boyfriend in Netpara. This incident stunned both families. The boyfriend was in the same house to live with her in Corona after the girl became pregnant in Georgina. At that time, the boy had a relationship with his lover’s mother. After returning home with the birth of her daughter, she found out that her mother and boyfriend had fled. Because, they have fallen in love with each other.

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After this incident, netizens have noticed the decision to marry her boyfriend’s father again. Although the whereabouts of the incident is not known.

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