# Africa: Winter means all the jungle has started to open (viral video). The fun in the jungle at this time is totally different. In fact, whether it is hot or cold or rainy, the forest changes its appearance all the time. And those who are truly forest lovers can’t keep themselves away from anything at this time. However, nowadays many people love to take pictures of wildlife. And every season they all go to the jungle in groups. Whether he is in India or abroad.

And jungle means safari (viral video). Getting out before dawn. The safari ends again in the evening. Jungle safari goes on throughout the day. Sometimes there are breaks. And in the middle of this safari, I never met Bagha Mama. Pellai bear once came in front again. Or a group of elephants. Sometimes rare birds are caught in the sky. Otherwise the deer will run to get water. But the fun of seeing tigers, lions or elephants or any other creature in the forest is different.

However, in the midst of all these safaris, many accidents happen. Usually, you are not allowed to get off the car during the safari in any forest (Viral video). However, in the midst of this, animals also cause things that go viral. Recently, a video of the jungle of Africa went viral on social media. In the dense jungles of South Africa, two tourist cars enter one after the other on a narrow road. The tourist team goes to the Silati Game Reserve Forest in Limpur, South Africa. They saw two elephants in front of them. A male elephant and a female elephant were together.

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The safari car was in danger of approaching the elephants (Angry Elephant Attacks Safari Jeep in South Africa). This time is usually the meeting season. The two elephants were already excited. The elephants are annoyed when they see the safari car. This time the male elephant came forward and tried to throw the car with a trunk. But not alone. After that two elephants together overturned the safari car. The tourists fell to the ground. Then they ran away and came to the car behind them. The car overturned and the two elephants left. The tourist team survived the journey. This video went viral the moment it was shared on social media.

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