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The mother made a love affair with the college boys by stealing her daughter’s identity card; The fine is to be counted with imprisonment! – News18 Bangla


#NewYork: The mother stole her daughter’s college identity card to flirt with college boys again! Recently such a strange incident has come in front of everyone. Laura Oglesby, 48, of Missouri, USA, has stolen the identity card of her 22-year-old daughter Lauren Hays.

According to sources, Laura Oglesby has stolen the identity card of her daughter Lauren Hedge. Because he wants to get all the benefits that his daughter gets, and he wants to go to his daughter’s college and have romance with the boys there. Laura Oglesby’s scam began in 2016, when she was 43 years old. At the time, Laura Oglesby was living in Arkansas.

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Boyfriend steals daughter’s identity card and makes mother:

According to the Daily Star, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Missouri reported that Laura Oglesby received her daughter Lauren Hedge’s credentials via mail. Using Lauren Hedge’s credentials, her mother, Laura Oglesby, obtained a driver’s license from Missouri. Laura then shifted to Mountain View, a small town in Missouri, where she stole the name and age of her daughter Lauren Hedge. So Lauren Hedges became Lauren Hedgesby through Lauren Hedge’s credentials. There she told everyone that she was a student at West Baptist University who worked in the library there. Police say Laura fell in love with several young men at the time. The young men thought that Laura Oglesby was a 22-year-old woman.

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He also borrowed lakhs of rupees in the name of his daughter:

A couple in town allowed Laura Oglesby to stay in their home. The couple told police that Laura Oglesby claimed to be 22 and pretended to be an 18-year-old girl. Laura presented herself as a white-faced fool, because she wanted everyone to like her. Last but not least, Laura Oglesby has borrowed around Rs 19 lakh in the name of her daughter. Laura Oglesby was sentenced to five years in prison after being caught by police. Laura Hedge has been fined Rs 13 lakh for using her daughter Lauren Hedge’s identity in addition to her jail term.

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