The Taliban behaved childishly with ice cream in hand

#Kabul: The open air is still blowing in the air of Afghanistan. Even then the little Sultana is turning the pages of the book. The unnamed boy is running with the kite. On 15th August, people in India were celebrating Independence Day. Suddenly, black night descended on Afghanistan again that day. The Taliban came to Kabul and occupied it. The Taliban announced their rule with gunfire. Thousands of people began fleeing Afghanistan. People sat on the wings of the plane to save their lives. He fell from there and died. Starting from Kabul, the whole of Afghanistan started crying. The whole world knows how much the Taliban regime is torturing. The Taliban do not think of women as human beings. They fed the dog with body wounds.

However, since the capture of Kabul, various videos of the Taliban have gone viral on social media. Sometimes they are seen going to the children’s park and rocking. Driving. With a gun on his shoulder, Mete has become childish. Seeing that, the world is getting excited. What a mentality they have. Capturing children in their homes, pictures of their extremely disgusting mentality in the playground are coming up again and again on social media. The whole world is watching that picture. This time the picture of the Taliban eating ice cream is viral.

A group of Taliban soldiers posted pictures of them eating ice cream from an ice cream parlor. Gun in hand. This photo caused a stir when it was shared on Twitter. Everyone keeps writing, this is no anarchy. They have met in any game. What are they doing in the name of Islam. Some have written, “What’s the next plan to go to Disneyland?” Is happening.

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