The Taliban can’t bow their heads … Afghanistan’s Panjshir knows how to fight, it doesn’t know how to lose! – News18 Bangla

Kabul: It is better to die than to bow your head to the enemy That’s what the fighters in Afghanistan’s Panjshir province think That is why the people of Panjshir continue to fight in their own province, even though Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban. Therefore, it cannot be said now that the whole of Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban

History has shown that Panjshir has shown time and again that conquering Panjshir is not an easy task even if it occupies the whole of Afghanistan. The former Soviet army failed. The American army could not. Now the Taliban are facing the same problem

Of course, nature has the biggest role to play in protecting Panjshir from foreign enemies It is not an easy task to build resistance against the locals in the Hindu Kush mountains in the bitter cold. Russia, the United States, and now the Taliban have repeatedly struggled to fight in remote valleys. The second stronghold of this beautiful valley is the Tajik people. Panjshir is the largest Tajik settlement in Afghanistan.

The people of this Tajik people have been defending their territory with all their might for generations. He has always fought like a heroic warrior Like the capital, Kabul, most of Afghanistan’s cities and provinces are under Taliban control. They failed to occupy Panjshir there Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh has also called for the fight against the Taliban to continue. He also said that in the absence of President Ghani, he is now the President of Afghanistan That’s why people in Afghanistan’s Panjshir province think death is better than at least surrendering to the Taliban.

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