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The Taliban will give women’s freedom only if they wear hijab! Multiple Conditions Spokesperson Mohammad Suhel Shahin – News18 Bangla



# Doha: Government workers have gone into hiding out of fear, the Taliban are looking for them from house to house! Women are being harassed for wearing jeans! The future of Afghanistan’s relations with India is also in question. In this context, non-violent policy was assured by Muhammad Suhail Shaheen, the Taliban spokesman from Qatar; He said that Afghanistan will be included in the list of progressive countries of the world very soon in the interview, there are only a few conditions!

Question: One week after the victory in Afghanistan, the Taliban are still struggling to form a government. Your representatives even went to Amrullah Saleh. How do you see this whole thing? How long will it take to solve it?

Answer: Yes, I agree that it will take some time for the Taliban to form a government. In fact taking a little time for consultation and discussion, we want to put all Afghan personalities and politicians in the new government. That is why we are taking the issue of keeping all the workers of the previous government in the discussion of forming the future government. But one thing is for sure, we could have formed a new government on the first day of the occupation of Kabul. But we did not, we are trying to have a peaceful meeting with everyone. Hopefully soon we will form a new government and announce it.

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Question: India has done a lot of development work in Afghanistan over the last two decades. New roads have been built, dams have been built, and even parliament buildings have been built. How do you see this contribution of India? It is learned that the Taliban has stopped all trade with India. Is this news true? Is it likely to last?

The answer: We always support those who are good for the people of Afghanistan. India can complete any unfinished work that will benefit the people of Afghanistan. We opposed the anti-Taliban government and India’s support for the people of Afghanistan. In fact, what we have wanted for the last 20 years has been India’s good relations with the people of Afghanistan and the acceptance of what the people want for the country’s independence. That was our statement and our position. We said that we should not side with this puppet government and support the needs of the people of Afghanistan.

Question: You say there will be no Western-style democracy in Afghanistan. So what is your opinion about the parliament building, which was built with electoral democracy in mind?

The answer: Hmm, in that case we will make a draft of the new constitution and form the government. Once the situation returns to normal, a committee will be formed to draft the constitution. And of course the building will be used with advantages and disadvantages. The building can be used for various purposes of people and Islam.

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Question: There have been some positive developments in general human rights since the Taliban took over. However, women have not yet been given the right to work. Ghazni women have been beaten for wearing jeans. On Friday, 18 allegations of human rights violations were received. Don’t you think that is a big problem in the current situation?

The answer: It is not a permanent thing, it is temporary. Because, women have the right to education. They have the right to work. But, that is after hijab. And the issue of wearing jeans is a very small issue. This problem will be solved very soon. However, there will be some conditions. Girls will have access to education and work. There is no reason for anyone to worry about this.

Question: Despite having positive human rights, government employees are concerned. Taliban cadres are searching their homes by making a list of them. Videos of some of the killings have surfaced on social media. How do you see this, does it mean the Taliban cadres are not under your control?

Answer: It is not true to go from house to house searching. Yesterday I also opposed it … because something like this is not happening here so they have no reason to worry. Our military is overseeing this whole affair and identifying the culprits. They will be brought to justice. Our policy has not changed and we are sending a message to all to abide by that policy. And if anyone tries to violate this policy, he has to be held accountable.

Question: Not all employees want to go to work for fear of being killed. Now the Taliban must control everything. Everything from airports to civic amenities is now challenging. How soon will you decide on these?

The answer: Those who want to go to another country will have no difficulty in arriving at the airport if they have valid documents and visa. We have news that members of Daish ISIS want to go to other countries, especially to the West. So in this case, we have put strict security at the airport to keep an eye on everyone. We do not allow those who do not have valid documents in this case.

Question: This is the first time such protests have taken place, with women taking to the streets demanding equal rights for all. Is the Taliban assuming they only have international media houses here, or is it really the case?

Answer: We are committed to the principle of women’s access to the workplace and they must be able to do so. But, being a Muslim community, they have to abide by the rules of hijab, only then can they act like themselves. For all their complaints, we have mentioned a WhatsApp number where women can report their complaints. They can express their rights there and if there is any complaint in our eyes, it will be resolved quickly.

Question: It was reported yesterday that the Taliban had abducted some Indians, who were later released. After that they reached India safely. But why such a report? Don’t you think that the message of permission should be made clear to all those who want to leave the country voluntarily?

Answer: I will oppose the word abduction first. In my opinion, the word kidnapping is not acceptable in the developed world. We have already issued a statement that we will provide appropriate arrangements for the work of embassies and diplomats. I got this news before. I found out that there was some difficulty in their document. So they were detained for several hours. We have proved that we are committed as promised. It must be acknowledged that there is no shortage of people who do not want to comply with certain restrictions at home and abroad. The whole truth will come out when they are investigated for what they are not doing for our propaganda.

Question: Whenever one thinks of the friendship between India and Afghanistan, one thinks of the Bollywood film Kabuliwala, Amitabh Bachchan and Shahenshah. There is a news recently published in India that you gave all your security photo crew to make Shahenshah picture in 1998, at the same time you want to get back?

Answer: I think it depends on their policy and action towards Afghanistan, that policy can be aggressive or it can be biased towards the development of the people of Afghanistan. But if something positive ever comes up, the countrymen will reciprocate what is good for the people of Afghanistan. The dam built by India in Afghanistan is a big and good project, which has been built for the welfare of the country. The countrymen will remember it.

Question: What exactly is your message to the world about the development of Afghanistan?

Answer: My message to the world – it’s been a few days since we’ve ended the war. This time we want to leave everything behind and move forward. This time we are going to make a fresh start. This chapter will need the help of the people of Afghanistan. Let all the countries of the world stay with the people of our country financially for the betterment of the country, which will help build a better Afghanistan in the future and further strengthen diplomatic relations with other countries. 80% of the people in Afghanistan are helpless, they are below the poverty line. Our country has fought a bloody war for 20 years. So we hope the big countries of the world will stand by our people.

Question: Where is Mulla Aukhandzad, the top Taliban leader?

Answer: He will be in front of everyone soon. We have struggled for 20 years, in a situation where he had to be hidden from the public eye. Inshallah he will come in front of everyone again. My request to the media is that you do not spread propaganda. These are not the right things. These could widen the gap between the people of Afghanistan and the media. So the media should focus more on the good things that support our demands.

Question: I am coming once again in the context of Bollywood movies. If India-Afghanistan relations are right, will we see Indian films being shot in this country again?

Answer: It’s better to leave it for the future. I do not want to comment on this right now. May peace be established in Afghanistan first. Now the people of Afghanistan need security and national unity. This is now the priority of the people of the new Afghanistan. So the answer to your question remains for the future.

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