#NewDelhi: Nothing goes viral on social media every day. How many pictures and videos from different parts of the world catch the eye of netizens. And if you like them, share and comment one after another. And after that they go viral (Viral Video). Recently, a video was caught on social media by the residents of Netpara. And anyone who sees it is bound to panic. Even in Bengal, when preparations for the Durgotsab are in full swing. The video uploaded to social media has gone viral right now (Viral Video). What’s in this viral video? (Viral Video)

In this video shared on Instagram, a brave girl is seen lying on a table with her hair spread backwards. And his friend is cutting that hair. There is nothing viral about it. But the fact is, the friend is cutting the girl’s hair with a large meat cutting knife. You may think that the knife with which the meat is cut is being cut flat and the hair is being cut quickly. After all, most of the beauties who spent time in Sanlo before Pujo have their eyes on this video after watching this video. This video has gone viral at the moment.

Netizens have also made various comments after watching this viral video on Instagram. Someone asked, ‘Did it really happen?’, Someone again told Kurnish about the girl’s courage. The video has received around 5 lakh views in a short time. One user wrote jokingly, or a new haircut? Choppy hairstyle. Another’s masquerade, I won’t go to their house to eat at all. But it is not known why the girl cut her hair in this way.

During the lockdown, many people at home took the responsibility of cutting their own hair or that of someone else in the family. Even Virat Kohli made headlines for cutting Anushka Sharma’s hair. But that said, this is the first time a haircut with a sharp knife has been seen on social media. However, it was not known where the video came from.

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