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#NewDelhi: How much nothing goes viral on social media every day. Pictures and videos of various events from different parts of the world reach your mobile phone through social media. Similarly, a video has recently gone viral on social media (Viral Video). At first sight of this video, everyone is thinking of mountain orchid flowers. But these are not really orchids. Rather a kind of chirping insect.

Have you ever seen Orchid Mantis from the front? If the answer is no, then you are deprived of one of nature’s great creations. The video, which went viral on social media, shows an insect called Orchid Mentis. These are also called ‘Hymenopus coronatas’. This video has caught the attention of netizens since it was posted on social media.

At first glance, everyone thinks these are orchids. But when it is seen in the video that these are chirping on the hand, then the netizen’s eyes glaze over. The video was shared on social media by a man named Adrian Kozakiewicz. The video has received about 5 million views. This video, which was shared last February, is surprising the world again.

This special insect called Orchid Mentis is found in the forests of various countries in Southeast Asia. This insect has different names locally. Someone said walking flower. Someone called Orchid Mentis again. Orchid Mentis is the name given to this insect because of its huge resemblance to orchids. Don’t miss to share this video with friends.

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