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Tyson Foods CFO arrested after drunkenly entering random woman’s home and sleeping in her bed, police say

The chief financial officer of Tyson Foods and son of the company’s chairman was arrested in Arkansas over the weekend after he entered a random woman’s home while intoxicated and fell asleep in her bed, according to police.

John R. Tyson, 32, was found asleep at the home in the 400 block of North Mock Ave. in Fayetteville on Sunday at 2:05 a.m., according to the preliminary arrest report. Tyson’s headquarters is located in Springdale, about 10 miles northeast of Fayetteville.

A college-aged woman who lived in the home called police about a potential burglary saying she believed she left the front door unlocked and returned home to find “a male she did not know asleep in her bed.”

An officer entered the home and found Tyson’s clothing on the floor and identified him by an ID found in his wallet.

The officer woke Tyson up and he sat up in bed but did not verbally respond. After briefly sitting up, he laid back down and attempted to go to sleep, the preliminary arrest report said.

The officer said there was an odor of intoxicants coming from his breath and body and his movements were “sluggish and uncoordinated.”

After it was determined that Tyson was not invited to stay at the home and was not known to the residents, he was placed under arrest on charges of criminal trespass and public intoxication.

He was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on $415 bond.

He was released Sunday evening, according to booking records. Tyson is due to appear in court Dec. 1. Attorney information for him was not immediately available.

Tyson Foods said the company is aware of the incident and had no further comment as it is a “personal matter.” 

Tyson is a fourth-generation member of the Tyson family and the son of the company’s chairman, John H. Tyson. He was named CFO in late September, according to CNBC. 

He joined Tyson Foods in 2019 and serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, according to the company’s website.

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