UK: How deadly! Waste from the plane fell on the person’s head, the garden was also filled with garbage

London: What a mess! A man was walking in the garden of the house Suddenly human waste came down from the sky Around the garden, even the person came to waste! Such a beautiful garden turned into a dustbin in an instant Seeing that, the person could not understand what to do in disgust and anger Incidents in Britain 6

Although the incident happened a few months ago, it has not been reported in the media so far The matter came up after Karen Davis, a local councilor in Windsor, recently reported the matter to aviation authorities. In fact, for some reason, human waste leaked from the plane and landed in the garden of a person’s house, as well as on his body. After hearing about this incident, everyone may think that such an incident should not happen to them According to local councilor Davis, the man was walking in the garden. That’s when this happened. It’s a really bad experience.

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All types of waste on the plane are usually stored in a special tank in a solid state. After landing, they are removed Although this has rarely happened in the past, waste is thought to melt and leak in warmer climates.

It is rare for solid or icy waste to fall to the ground from a plane, but liquid human waste is falling from the sky. It is really scary to have such a horrible experience while walking in the garden Local councilor Karen Davis said she understood the man’s state of mind.

Although it has not been made public which incident took place from which airline’s aircraft, it has been reported that at first such incidents may have occurred from their plane, but the airline has not acknowledged this. Later, the aircraft tracking application can be used to see which aircraft was passing through the area at the time of the incident. Eventually the airline was forced to admit that the incident had taken place on their plane

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