Kabul: A Ukrainian passenger plane has been hijacked while trying to rescue its citizens from Afghanistan. It is learned that the plane was hijacked by armed unidentified miscreants. According to the Russian news agency TASS, the plane was forced to fly from Kabul to Iran. This is the complaint of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yevgeny Yenin.

The Ukrainian plane landed in Kabul on Sunday to rescue Ukrainian nationals stranded in Afghanistan. The hijacking incident took place at that time Then today, Tuesday, the plane was reportedly forced to fly to Iran. The Ukrainian government has acknowledged the hijacking. However, it is not yet known who is behind the incident. An unidentified group of people reportedly flew the plane from Kabul to Iran that day.

Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister added that the plane had been virtually stolen And none of those on board are Ukrainian citizens An unidentified group of miscreants flew to Iran After that, it was not possible to rescue the Ukrainian citizens trapped in Kabul Because they can’t reach the airport Three attempts to rescue the citizens have failed

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