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Unconscious food stuck in the throat of the restaurant! Viral video of the person will cause shivering – News18 Bangla


# Sao Paulo: Currently a video has gone viral on social media. In that video, it is seen that a person gets stuck in his throat and becomes unconscious (Viral Video). While eating at the restaurant, the food got stuck in the person’s throat, causing the person to faint. But the waiter and the police survived. This video was posted on Twitter from an account called Goodnews Correspondent. Many people get stuck in the throat at different times while eating food. But everyone was shocked to see the video of him being robbed unconscious. As a result, the video did not take long to go viral.

The viral video shows a man in Sao Paulo, Brazil, fainting while eating at a restaurant. This is because the food got stuck in the person’s throat. As a result, everyone in the restaurant became anxious. But the waiter at the restaurant and a policeman saved the man’s life. The incident took place at a restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Friday. The man was eating with others at the restaurant. After a while the person fainted. Other people in the restaurant approached him and tried to shake him. But that person’s knowledge does not return.

At that time a waiter of that restaurant came there. The waiter can see the person and understand what is wrong with him. The waiter pressed the person’s back and started hitting him with his hand. The waiter began to do so that the food stuck in the person’s throat went down. But after some time the person did not regain consciousness, he remained in a similar state of unconsciousness. At that time a policeman came there. With the police, everyone started putting pressure on the person’s back. As a result, after a while the person regains consciousness, he is given some water. Everyone in the restaurant breathed a sigh of relief.

After the food came out of the man’s throat, he was relieved and began to breathe again. Everyone is praising the waiter and the police after watching this video that went viral on social media. The video has received more than 1.46 lakh views on Twitter so far.

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