US Intelligence Report: Fighting at home has caused great damage to the climate, the report said

#NewDelhi: The US Intelligence Report came up with a horrible piece of information. In the coming days, climate change will be a cause for concern all over the world. The National Intelligence Estimate has also warned everyone about this climate change.

Their report says that from 2040, it will have a terrible effect. It has published a 26-page report examining 18 US intelligence agencies. It says that the first thing to look at is an important issue – that is, special measures must be taken in the interest of protecting the climate as a national protection.

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This report highlights various aspects of climate change. An example here shows that the whole world is in a fierce competition without helping each other in this matter. Everyone is doing huge damage to the climate to prove which country is stronger than whom.

US President Joe Biden will attend the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow next month. It is hoped that the summit will lead to an international agreement on climate change.

The U.S. intelligence community has identified 11 countries and two regions where water, energy, food and health care are at risk. All these countries are also lagging behind economically. As a result, they are endangering the country’s climate by collecting what they need to survive.

The 11 countries in South and East Asia are Afghanistan, Burma, India, Pakistan and North Korea. Central American and Caribbean countries include Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua. The other two countries are Colombia and Iraq.

Water use is now a major problem in many countries. Drinking water resources in the Middle East and North African countries are near danger. As a result, special attention needs to be paid to climate change now. Because slowly we are pushing ourselves in the face of a terrible danger.

Every country needs to think about this and pay special attention to how to save the environment and protect the climate, warns the US intelligence report.

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