US President Kamala Harris: Joe Biden at routine check-up, Indian-origin Kamala Harris in charge of US

#Washington: She is the first female vice president in the history of the country. Also the first black vice president. President Joe Biden is set to hand over the reins of the United States temporarily to US President Kamala Harris, who is of Indian descent. That is, for some time to come, the power of the US President will be in the hands of Kamala Harris (US President Kamala Harris). Why such a sudden decision? In fact, nothing is surprising. The whole thing is going to happen as planned. (US President Kamala Harris)

US President Biden turns 69 on Saturday. Earlier, the president had a routine check-up on Friday. Doctors will temporarily anesthetize him for a colonoscopy. Biden has already arrived at Walter Reed Medical Center in Colombia for treatment. Before the check-up, Joe Biden will hand over the ‘presidential power’ to Deputy Orange in accordance with the rules. At that time, acting president Kamala will take charge of the country from his office in the West Wing. Until Biden returns, Kamala will be in charge of the most powerful country in the world.

The transfer of power to a deputy in the US is nothing new. During the reign of George W. Bush, responsibilities were handed over to the then Vice President several times. Under the US Constitution, if the president is to be anesthetized for medical or other reasons, his deputy must be acting president. However, in this case, Kamalai is the first woman of Indian descent to be in charge of the country, albeit temporarily.

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The United States has been embroiled in controversy recently over its president and vice president. According to political circles, as the distance between Biden and Kamala has widened over the past year, so has the conflict. However, Joe Biden is handing over power to his deputy under the constitutional obligation. As a result, Kamala Harris, of Indian descent, is acting president of the United States.

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