Viral: Millionaire mother taking pictures of her son sleeping in the next room, naked body

#Sydney: Only 31 years old. She is the mother of one child. And his habit is to take nude pictures one after the other while keeping the child lying in the next room. And by posting that picture on multiple commercial websites, he has already earned around 2 crore rupees. Emily Mai, an Australian, is now happily living.

In an interview with the international media, Emily said that she is a normal person like the other five. The child is a newborn. So it is not always possible to leave him at home. That’s why the photoshoot is done at home. He has a commercial account on an adult-only website called Fans. Where customers can view various pictures and videos in exchange for money. Emily regularly posted nude pictures there. That is why he has earned a huge amount, still about 2 crore rupees.

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He used to work as a stripper in a strip club. Later, when he started posting such pictures on the internet, he had to hear many bad things from his neighbors and other people, although he was not particularly worried about it. Emily wants to enjoy life for the time being by finding an easy way to earn. Not only on the fan-website, he has also gained huge popularity on Instagram. So far, the number of his followers on Instagram has crossed 95,000.

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“I wake up in the morning,” said Emily. After breakfast, I look at the pictures of myself drinking coffee and see how much money I was able to earn. As long as it’s time for him to sleep, I can’t take pictures. As soon as he fell asleep, he started taking nude pictures of me. But when someone else is at home, I don’t take pictures. Spending time with family. When the child is awake, I focus on raising the child. I think I’m working for my child’s future. I am saving money for him. I will not spend this money on myself to live a luxurious life, I will spend it for the safety of the child’s future. “

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