Viral News || Great ceremony! Jahnavi tied the knot with Kuttapur today, the new innings of the couple started …

#Punayurkulam: Kuttapu and Jhanvi of Punnayurkulam are married. Their new life is about to begin. Wondering who they are again? These are two dogs of the Beagles breed. News of their marriage is already viral. Everyone is filling this new couple with good wishes.

The marriage of two Beagles named Kuttapu and Jahnabi took place at 11 am on Monday at Kunnathur Mana in Punayurkulam. Shelly, a resident of Vadanappally, and his wife Nisha own two dogs named Kuttapu and Jahnavi. Although the Beagles breed dog named Kuttapu came to this family more than 2 years ago, the Beagles breed dog named Jahnavi was bought recently. Nisha expressed her desire to marry the two dogs to her husband Shelley. Shelley agrees to his wife’s offer and encourages him. The marriage of two Beagles, named Kuttapu and Jahnabi, was then solemnized.

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First a date was chosen for the marriage of two Beagles named Kuttapu and Jahnavi. Their marriage was consummated on that particular day. Wedding Photographer Girish Greenmedia was brought in to take pictures of the wedding. They took all the pictures of the wedding of two Beagles named Kuttapu and Jahnavi. It is also very interesting to bring a wedding photographer to take pictures of the wedding of two dogs. Shelley, Nisha and their families all attended the wedding.

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Shelly and Nisha’s children Akash and Arjun are excited about their favorite pet dog’s wedding. They have decorated the house with their own hands for the wedding of Kuttapu and Jahnavi. They also arranged for the newlyweds Kuttapu and Jahnbi’s favorite chicken biryani. After the marriage of Kuttapu and Jahnavi was completed, their favorite food was chicken biryani. While the practice of marrying one’s own pet dog is quite fancy, such news is often heard nowadays. Many greetings and congratulations to Kuttapu and Jahnavi.

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