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#NewYork: Special permission has to be taken to take the pets on the plane. Accordingly, there is a separate place to keep pets. However, the recent incident of a Delta Airlines flight from New York to Atlanta has caught everyone’s eye. Allegedly, a female passenger sucked her pet cat in front of the flight attendant and the rest of the passengers. Seeing that scene, the debate started naturally, many people became upset and panicked. Many complained to the flight attendants. The news has also gone viral on Netdunia (Viral News).

It is learned that the woman was on her way to Atlanta, Georgia from Syracuse, New York. He was hit by a Delta Airlines flight. His pet cat was kept in the carrier next to him. From there, the woman suddenly picked up the pet and breastfed it in front of everyone. The rest of the passengers panicked at this incident. A message goes viral when you complain. The message was sent to the ground by the flight attendants. Wrote, ‘The woman sitting in the seat 1313 is breastfeeding her cat. You are not listening even after the ban. ‘

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That’s when the message was sent to the ‘Red Coat’ team by the airline. This team of Delta company listens to the problems of the customers. Appropriate action was also taken after hearing the complaints of the flight attendants against the customers. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, he did not listen to the flight attendants who repeatedly barred the woman.

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Einstein Elizabeth, the flight attendant, said: “The cat was wrapped in a towel in a way that was not understood at first. Everyone thought children. The female passenger was trying to forcefully suck the cat wrapped in a towel by lifting her shirt. Didn’t listen even after the ban. The cat also started shouting. After the plane landed, the passenger was handed over to the security guards.

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