Friday, July 1, 2022

Viral photo: Foreign heroine pumping breast milk in makeup room! In the role of mother when the stage drunk actress!


#London: She is a model-actress But that is his job She is the mother of the child, this is her real identity That’s why she is preparing breast milk for her child without any cover He is pumping the milk into the bottle so that the child can drink the mother’s milk in his absence Many busy mothers use this method to breastfeed their children (Breast Milk) When the child is hungry, the mother may not be able to stay with him So keep the breast milk in a bottle so that the baby can drink milk When the actress is a mother, she will walk that path too And by pumping breast milk at work, she is also sending a message to many mothers so that they do not feel any hesitation in doing so.

Gal Gadot, Israeli model and actress He has recently shared several pictures on social media Where it is seen that he is getting ready for shooting She is preparing for makeup and hair style There are 6 members of his team next to him He has covered himself with a white robe This photo can be seen in all the makeup rooms before shooting This is how actresses are made But Gall’s activity caught my eye

She gave birth to her third child two months ago His daughter Daniela 7 was born That’s why the actress is busy For her own professional reasons, she played the role of mother Away from home, not always able to keep the child close ৷ What’s in it? He is not depriving the child from mother’s milk Sitting in the makeup room, Gal 7 is saving milk for the newborn After that he will go back to work There is a kind of ‘shame’ or taboo about breastfeeding in public Early patriarchal society raises questions about protecting the dignity of girls But what’s in it The mother is the biggest child So there is no need to cover the mother’s breastfeeding Gradually, many modern mothers are showing their thumbs up to that conservatism This picture of Gall conveys that message in a very simple but strong way As soon as this picture came out, it was viral

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