Viral || Unrequited love with chimpanzees! The woman was barred from entering the zoo by the authorities, viral …

#Antworp: Love Affair with Chimpanzee! Not a story, but a woman in love with a chimpanzee. And that chimpanzee, too, is madly in love with the woman. The situation has reached such a stage that the woman has been banned from entering the zoo. The chimpanzee at the Antwerp Zoo in Belium is terribly upset by not getting close to his girlfriend.

According to a Belgian media report, the woman’s name is Eddie Timmermans. Antwerp Zoo authorities claim they were forced to make such a decision for the good of the animal. How exactly did this incident come to light? Authorities say he has visited the zoo every week for the past four years. And spent the whole day in front of the glass house surrounded by chimpanzees. The two of them used to express their love by turning their hands on the glass.

At first, the zoo authorities thought that Eddie was probably a chimpanzee lover. Talk to him. They feel each other from both sides of the glass wall. They even throw kisses at each other. Zoo officials questioned Eddie several times after noticing the incident. There he confessed his love for the cheetah. Said, he loves the cheetah impossible. Likes to spend time with him. Subsequently, the zoo authorities decided that Eddie’s entry into the Antwerp Zoo would be banned. Eddie Timmermans claims to have been shocked by this.

However, zoo authorities claim that the cheetah does not mix with other chimpanzees because of its exceptional ‘love affair’ with Eddie. Relationships with them were deteriorating. When the cheetah spent time with Eddie, the other chimpanzees ignored him. As a result, when the visiting hour was over, the cheetah would be completely alone.

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