Viral Video: ” Blessed boy’s perseverance ” – Monkey riding backpack, wearing school uniform, cycling

#Kolkata: Various videos go viral on social media And people also like to watch this viral video Sometimes the video of the dance song is a viral video, and sometimes there is a funny video Recently, a monkey’s funny celebrity talk went viral. These videos are just a few seconds long at a time of extra stress A funny video of a monkey has gone viral (Funny Video of Monkey)

This little monkey has gone viral with a very funny dali crossing the borders of the country and abroad He is riding a bicycle wearing a school dress wearing a small monkey bicycle If you watch this funny video (Funny Video) you will definitely laugh ৷ Seeing the monkey, everyone is giving various cute reactions You can also watch the viral video of the monkey wearing school uniform.

This video has been shared from the account named helicopter_yatra_ The number of likes on this viral video has already exceeded 33,000 People are also making funny comments on this video In fact, everyone is having a lot of fun The monkey has been seen riding a bicycle with perfect balance in the same way that a person balances on a two-wheeled bicycle. The monkey is wearing a green school blazer A pink and blue children’s bag on the back The monkey is riding a bicycle with it on his back Round and round কাট in perfect balance Some are pointing at him, some are calling him again, but he is steadfast in his goal regardless of anything.

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One user saw the monkey and poured his heart’s thoughts on Instagram Watching this video reminded me of my school days – wrote a netizen Another wrote that this is a really funny clip, my laughter does not stop after watching it Earlier, a video of a monkey and a baby went viral on the net The monkey was snatching the phone from the baby

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