Viral Video | Taliban Terror: TV anchor forced to praise Taliban with armed men behind WATCH | ‘No fear’, the host is reassuring with trembling …– News18 Bangla

#Kabul: Taliban violence continues in Afghanistan. This time, the militants read the praiseworthy news by leaving the television host at the song point. The moderator also had to tell the countrymen not to be afraid of the Taliban. The video of the militants entering the office of a news channel in Kabul went viral on social media. No matter how many compliments there are, the people of that country are getting excited after watching the video.

In words, a picture speaks a thousand words. And this picture seems to prove it again. Looking at the picture, he can’t help but say that he is practically forced to say what he is saying. If two people are standing behind someone with a weapon, they have to say whatever they want. So he also praised. And what is the way?

An Iranian journalist named Masih Alinejad shared the video on Twitter. Wrote, what is the lesson of fearlessness and security? The Taliban is actually another name for terrorism. This video is proof of that. Watch that video …

After taking power in Afghanistan, the Taliban promised that the freedom of the press would remain intact. But like many other promises, it did not materialize. On the contrary, attacks on journalists have taken place one after another. After the threat and attack, the militants entered the office of the news channel and showed their horrible appearance. The viral video shows the Taliban entering the studio with guns. Then he stood behind the conductor’s chair, pointed the gun at his head and read the news. Their instruction is to tell the countrymen that the Taliban have nothing to fear.

But what will reassure the countrymen? Thousands of questions have been raised since this video went viral. Is this the freedom of the media described by the Taliban? If the media is given so much leeway to work, then why put a gun to the head of the host to read the news? Why journalists are being attacked in different places. A few days ago, a journalist of Tolo News and his picture journalist were attacked by militants.

Before that, the brutal murder of Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui is still fresh in everyone’s mind. He was killed in a clash with Taliban militants in Kabul. He was accused of being killed by militants. Besides, not only that, in the last few days, journalists have been attacked at their homes. Local media also reported that their relatives had been beaten for not getting them. So it is needless to say that there is a big discrepancy between the words and deeds of the militants.

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