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#Kolkata: Halloween in the United States is like waiting for a ghost-fourteen here. A video that went viral on social media recently caught something even more horrible. And that video has gone viral on social media (Viral Video | Tarantula). A recent video by Jay Brewer, a security guard at the US Zoo, also addresses the fear of ghosts. Because, in the video shared by him, it is seen that a poisonous tarantula spider has entered the mouth and is coming out again (Viral Video | Tarantula).

Jay Brewer shared this video on Instagram. It is seen that the tarantula (Viral Video | Tarantula) entered the mouth and came out again. After that it is sitting on the hand. But Jay continues to talk about Tarantula without frowning. But the netizens are not listening to that at all. Because, the poisonous tarantula is sitting in the hand. Everyone’s eyes are on the netizens.

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“Halloween is coming up and everything is getting weird,” Jay Brewer shared in the video. The video went viral in an instant. About 1 lakh people have seen it and everyone is absolutely stunned. What does tarantula mean to pet like this? Many people have asked questions in the comment box of the shared video. Many again remember the horrible work of Bear Grylls. How do you like this video?

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