Viral Video: The soul of a loved one has arrived! Talking! The nurse saw it with her own eyes! Viral video at the speed of the storm

#Viral: Death and soul! There is a lot going on in our minds about this. Lots of questions. Does the soul really exist after death (Viral Video). Is there anything called soul at all? That heaven is like hell. Science has not been able to explain whether it really exists or not.

Some people believe in the existence of the soul (nurse shares people experience just before death). And many do not believe this. A few days ago, an American woman went into a coma. When apprehended, he died. Just then the soul returns to the body. There must be a medical explanation. Many people have survived the last moment of coma. However, the woman said, “She knew in that look that he had died.

As an explanation of this phenomenon, many have said that the woman has experienced what can happen after death (nurse shares people experience just before death). Again many say the whole thing is hallucinations.

But this time a nurse is talking in a surprising way. She works in a nursing home in America. There he works in a department where he constantly sees many people die in front of him (nurse shares people experience just before death). The nurse says all the people said something at the time of death. That’s what he heard. Like he heard his family talking to the deceased.

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Heard many say, ‘Dad, I’m coming to you, wait a minute. Take me away. “Others say,” I still love you. “Everyone makes a viral video before they die, and the nurse’s statement is that they see loved ones and talk to them before they die. He explains by posting a video. Women.

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He also acknowledged that there may be hallucinations for additional medications. But before each death, the nurse does not know why. According to him, the dying loved ones see the dead loved ones. All these patients died right in front of him after talking about all these strange things (Viral Video). According to the nurse, the question is, does the soul really exist after death? Although science says everything is hallucinations. But even after so much argument the video of the viral woman.

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