Viral Video: This is the modern version of ‘Tiger Mama’! 11 Mature standing in front of the Tiger team

# Beijing: There are some people who bring danger in vain When they go to play with danger, the rest become a cause for concern The horrible deeds of such a foolish person are now in Viral Video He went straight to the tiger (Man in front of Tigers) to challenge death. Again, it was not a tiger, there were 11 tigers and 8 tigers That man is a resident of China The incident took place at the Beijing Zoo in the Chinese capital.

The man started circling in front of eleven tigers, breaking through the security cordon and reaching there. This video is now viral on social media Everyone calls it the ultimate example of stupidity But the security guards at the zoo lost consciousness

The horrific incident took place on October 23 at the Beijing Wildlife Park As usual, a lot of people came here that day to visit the zoo At that moment, a deranged man jumped out of his car and ran towards the eleven white tigers (Man in front of Tigers) where he started performing stunts. Zoo security guards kept shouting Then he did not take a word in his ear and proceeded towards the tiger

He took the option of driving around the zoo by himself In this way, tourists can drive around the zoo by themselves While driving the jeep, he went very close to the white tigers There he suddenly jumped out of his car and came out He was repeatedly persuaded by the staff Standing in front of a group of 11 tigers, he was practically challenging the tigers When he stood like that in the zoo, everyone was forbidding him In that 30 second clip, he seemed to be ready to die

The zoo staff then started trying on their own The zoo staff could not move the man and started throwing food at the tigers Others who visited the zoo recorded the video on their own and uploaded it on social media. Which is viral video at the moment The police then went and arrested the 58-year-old man

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