Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Viral Video || What a terrible Taliban! This video of 2 breastfed babies returning home is a burning proof of that!


#Noida: The people of the country have been lost since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. No matter how flexible the Taliban’s message may be, evidence is emerging that their actions are not at all counterproductive. Ever since the Taliban took over the country, expatriates have been desperate to leave the country. How helpless people are has come to the fore again and again over the past week. Apart from the country packed on the same plane, a baby girl lying on a crate of milk at the Kabul airport, or being handed over to the army to save the child’s life … all these pictures have soaked the corners of the eyes of hard-hearted people.

Exactly how deadly are the Taliban? The people of the country have explained that in many ways. How will women be seen in the Taliban’s fatwa, where is the place of women in the society, even if we think about it in 2021, we have to be confident. Another heartbreaking picture and video went viral on social media on Sunday, like the many pictures that have come up over the course of the day. The video shows a 3-4-year-old girl from an Afghan family kissing her infant brother on her mother’s lap among those who landed at Hindon Airbase in Ghaziabad after returning home from Afghanistan. There is ultimate peace in that caress. The two of them are laughing. However, there is still extreme anxiety in the eyes of the mother of two children. The horror of how he spent his day in Kabul can be heard in the background of the video. News agency ANI shared the photo on the day of Rakhi Bandhan 2021. Within moments the mind-blowing image went viral on social media.

A total of 392 people were repatriated from Afghanistan on Sunday in three separate planes freed from Taliban rule. On the same day, 146 citizens were repatriated from Afghanistan in the second phase. Among them were two children. With the help of Qatar, the 148 people were first taken to Doha, the capital of that country. After that they were brought to India from Doha. The Indian embassy in Qatar said in a tweet around 8pm on Sunday. The Air Force was able to bring 16 people to India in the first phase on Sunday morning. Among them were 108 Indians.

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